If you weren’t able to visit us at he DSE2011 show this year, don’t worry, we have our product highlights and offerings below.  Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.



Aavelin: A Turn-key Digital Signage Solution


Aavelin SignMate2 Player

Aavelin Cafe

Our tightly coupled Aavelin solution involving our own media players and Content Creation and Management software brings you ease of use and reliability that is needed in a digital signage solution. At DSE, we introduced two new small form factor players: our re-designed SignMate player and the Cafe player. The SignMate2 is capable of outputting a 1080p video signal and supports Flash, DivX, and H.264 multimedia. The Cafe on the other hand, is a low-end, economical player designed for static content and DivX video clips.


Whatever your need may be, we have a player that will fit your content requirements and your budget.


EZ-Stream: Database Integration

EZ-Stream Software
EZ-Stream is a software application that can extract information from a database and automatically display that information on any of our media players. Use EZ-Stream to display meeting schedules and events, menus,manufacturing and call center statistics, or any other important information. EZ-Stream keeps your display up to date through you maintaining the information in whatever data source you are extracting it from. Data can be extracted from any relational database (SQL, Oracle, MySQL) or from many 3rd party scheduling software like Microsoft Exchange Server.


Concession Stand Menuboard

EZ-Stream is there for you 24/7.


RoomRoster 10.4

RoomRoster: All-in-one Digital Signs
The RoomRoster is a small digital display with a built in MagicBox player. This is ideal for displaying schedules of individual conference rooms or displaying product information in a department store isle. The RoomRoster comes in two models: the 5.7 and the 10.4. The 5.7 can be operated with Power Over Ethernet and comes with our EZ-Stream software for integrating schedules from a database. The 10.4, in addition, also comes with our standardComposer software which supports DivX video clips and crawling text. The 10.4 must be connected to a standard power source.The RoomRoster is the most economical solution for a combined product of software, media player, and a display.


MagicSwitch Buttons


We demonstrated a new concept at the show using large round buttons to change what content is playing on the display. A press of these buttons can either cause the entire project (content playlist) to change or you can also trigger a single page to play for OnDemand content switching. This is ideal for a situation where you want the viewer to be able to change what is on the display. In a retail environment, a customer could bring up information on a particular product or employees could quickly change the display to in-store promotions.


These buttons connect directly to any Aavelin media player via USB. Although they are still in beta, this product will be available in Q2.


Thanks again for stopping by and showing interest in the digital signage solutions we offer. If you have a situation where our products would be a good fit, or if you would like pricing or a quote, please contact Tom Searcy at 541-752-5654 or email sales@magicboxinc.com.




The MagicBox Team


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