The RSS feed feature within WebSuite’s crawl region is great tool to pull current news and other up to date information.

We’ve recently found a website that creates a 3-day weather forecast in RSS feed for your city. I thought I would share that with you so you can jazz up your digital signage content by adding it to one of your crawl regions in your WebSuite project.

Below are the instructions on where to find the feed and how to insert it into your project. I’ll use our Corvallis, OR location as an example.

To begin, go to



Step 1. Locate your State.





Step 2. Locate your County.





Step 3. Locate your City.





Step 4. Go to the RSS icon and click the link that says, “Subscribe to the CITY, STATE RSS Weather Feed”.




Step 5. Copy the RSS URL from the browser’s address bar.





Step 6. In WebSuite, go to the Layout tab and choose which overlay region you want the RSS feed to display in. Click New Content, choose RSS Feed as the Type and the past the copied RSS Feed URL from Step 5 into the URL section. Type any Prefix message you like and then choose Titles and Descriptions for the Data set.





Once you’ve gotten this far, you simply need to publish your project over to your Aavelin media player and when the RSS syncs with the refresh page, your Forecast weather will display in the crawl region you chose.


That’s it. The forecast weather RSS feed for your location will refresh every time there’s new data from the’s server. Enjoy!





  • rssWeather’s name and logo are trademarks of
  • may change the RSS URL feed structure at anytime, so please refer to their customer support for updated RSS feed information if the feed stops working.
  • Current Aavelin desktop Composer users can use this RSS feed using our RSStoCrawl MagicWidget.Contact us for more information if you’re interested.