Some businesses and government agencies need to know what time it is in other cities across the globe. We recently created a world clock for a client that allowed them to simultaneously display time from eight cities on a single screen.


Here’s what the World Clock layout looks like:


(Note: This example is displayed in Military time. We can also created a Standard time version as well as modify the color scheme to match your branding.)
The end user can customize the cities they want to show through a simple and easy to use, custom user interface application.
All the user needs to do is enter the city name, set it’s GMT offset and then check it’s Daylight Saving time settings.
This allowed the customer full control over the time information being displayed.

Let us know what you think and if you have any custom applications that we can help find a solution for.
CBS News recently did a feature about the security required for President Obama’s inauguration, and in the section about the Strategic Information and Operations Center (SIOC) at FBI Headquarters in Washington, you can see the Aavelin 1080 P with the “World Clock” application installed.

Watch the full video by clicking the image above or by this link:
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