EZ-Stream Software: An Enterprise Database Integration Solution

“Work smarter, not harder” has been an axiom for business for as long as companies have been focusing on the bottom line, and what an appropriate axiom it is. Manpower in the form of salaries are typically one of the most, if not the highest expense cost on a balance sheet. Balancing and allocating the amount of time an employee has versus the amount of work needed to complete the tasks at hand are what small business owners and managers struggle with on a regular basis.


Take data entry for example. An employee will sit and input several hundred or even thousands of records and statistics into a database. This is a huge effort and takes a lot of production time. If a business needed to display that information in a visually appealing way on different mediums to communicate and inform their audience, they would typically need to use a different software program and re-input that same data into it so it can be displayed. That doesn’t sound too productive at all, does it? It’s not an efficient use of the employee’s time. Leveraging the data that already has been input and taking advantage of technology to query and display the information is both advantageous and beneficial to the company’s productivity and economic status.


Layout ExampleAs businesses look for ways to stream line and automate communications to employees and customers in various mediums, MagicBox, Inc. has developed a software application called EZ-Stream which does exactly that. Companies typically input information such as building directories, meeting schedules, conference room availability, manufacturing statistics, tee times, and many more types of data into their database. EZ-Stream can query that data and display it on one of our Digital Signage players. The value of this software is from not having to perform redundant data entry work. Once the user sets up their template or layout in the user interface of the software to match their company’s brand and identity, the application will pull the information set by the user and display it in a tabled report type format.

EZ-Stream Software ScreenshotEZ-Stream offers design, integration, and automation all in one application. Once your template design is complete and the database connection has been configured, the last step is to set the automated publish time for the interval you would like your MagicBox player unit updated. That’s It! Sit back and relax.