Continuing on with our ‘Back to the Basics’ series, we’re sharing a great article written by Rob Ziv with Almo  in the 2016 May Edition of Sound and Communications digital publication titled, “Are They Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? The Audio Edition Part 3 – Same name, different purpose: the apples and oranges of audio mixers.”


In the article, Rob breaks down the features of each audio mixer in plain language and gives some excellent examples of when and where to use them correctly.


Here’s a quick excerpt from the article:


“Because routing within a DSP’s matrix mixers provides for any input to any output, they are commonly installed in flexible-use spaces that may have to combine or divide rooms. This is common in large corporate spaces that may have to subdivide a room or change room layouts.”


Click here to read the whole article in its entirety.



Credits: Sound and Communications & Rob Ziv