Ahead of the Curve with Cloud-Based Services?


Daniel L. Newman’s Commercial Integrator article paints a clear picture about our every-changing AV industry and the need to see the changes coming even before the movement begins.


Despite the access customers now have with web collaboration and video solutions, it hardly means integration and support are a thing of the past – it doesn’t mean professionally-installed systems themselves are going the way of the dinosaur. Rather it’s the approach and the way business is done that is on the move. Those integrators that can embrace the changes of cloud and mobile will be successful for the future.


The “Cloud” is a giant step for everyone. Clients need support now more than ever, to understand the way in which cloud-and mobile-based apps can be used to improve collaboration without a huge learning curve and without D-I-Y setup pitfalls. The key is the new business model, changing from up-front installation investments to recurring monthly revenue.  If you’ve been building this into your business, you’re set. If not, it’s time to make the transition.


Big-ticket items are still a reality, but the key is to start replacing what will eventually be disappearing revenue. Mobile and BYOD are serious industry movements, not trendy distractions. It is still all about collaboration – the business problem that affects the company bottom line. As the article states, it’s time to align yourself with partners who also have a long-term outlook with the adoption of new business models.


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