Aavelin 4 is here!


Now is the time to get your Aavelin updated to v4.0.


It’s packed with a powerful new video feature. We now support direct video playback of DivX and H.264 encoded videos. Sample of DivX and H.264 videoSimply browse your PC for your favorite video with a .divx or .mp4 filename extension and insert it into a page in your project. It’s that easy. The page’s dwell time automatically adjusts to the time it takes to play the whole clip.


If that isn’t enough, you can run it full screen or nay size you want. Be sure to check out the specs for supported resolutions on each of the Aavelin models.


Wait, it gets better. With version 4.0, you also get a new an improved Aavelin Composer software full of new colors and button groupings. Also included is our new background set of 100 unique images that are modern and clean to jazz up any signage project.


Still want more? Well, how about the ability to take your .pdf files and turn them into an image to use in your project. Professional Composer users now get that feature bundled in with the upgrade.


Lastly, the Aavelin v4.0 release has had several under the hood changes to make the Aavelin itself run more efficiently and reliably than ever. Some minor bug have been fixed  to ensure peak performance of the software and hardware working in tandem.


If you are interest in upgrading your Aavelin today, please fill out our Update Request Formand we will get your order processed right away. If you have any questions about the upgrade or any of our products, please add a comment below or give us a call at(541)752-5654 or send us an email at sales@magicboxinc.com and we’ll get back to as soon as possible.



Upgrade to v4.0 Now!