‘Tis the season for awesome consumer electronic gifts. With the sometimes overwhelming amount of technology available, picking just the perfect gift can be difficult.  The ClearOne team has put together the wish list of gizmos and gadgets that every tech savvy person on your list is sure to enjoy.


Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt
$229 to $349.99

A storage device may not be the most exciting sounding gift, but for techies, having portable storage space for photos, movies and music, as well as for backing up systems, this is a must.  LaCie has released the Rugged Thunderbolt, the first bus-powered portable drive.  It offers fast performance, USB 3.0 support, is very durable and is competitively priced.  The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt is one of the best high-end and reliable portable drives available today.

Apple iPAD Mini
$329 to $549.99



If you are in the market for a tablet this year, and can afford the Apple iPad Mini, it’s a great choice.  It is a thinner, lighter and cheaper version of the iPad, with a smaller screen and more portable than its larger sibling. With the 4:3 aspect ratio, you actually have more surface area on the screen compared to other 7 inch tablets with a wide ratio.  There are also significantly more apps available than on other tables such as the Google Nexus 7.  After you unwrap this great gift, click on the APP store icon and download ClearOne’s iMusica APP for free multi-room control for any AV gear with the popular Musica system.

ClearOne iPod Dock for DigiLinX


The ClearOne iPod dock for DigiLinX allows complete remote control, streaming and charging for your protable music collection.  Once an iPod is placed in the IPD100, the music library on the iPod can quickly and easily be searched by genre, playlist, album, artist or individual song title from any location in your home with a DigilinX controller, including in-wall touch screens or wireless remotes.


ClearOne Collaborate Desktop
Free 30 Day Trial Download


COLLABORATE Desktop offers high definition audio and video up to 720p and 1080p*, and includes features and functionality that extend far beyond the capabilities of a desktop videoconferencing application This cutting edge software offers multiple media transmitting capabilities for video, audio and data.

It is available in three different models: Basic, Professional and Executive, to suit varying corporate requirements. A special TV Broadcaster model is also available.   * 1080P Incoming only is available in Executive mode.


Slingbox 500 – $300

When traveling for work or for vacation, you can now watch what’s showing or recorded on your cable or satellite box at home. It’s that simple. The new Slingbox connects through paid apps sold on Google Android, Apple iOS, Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s Windows phone stores, and deliver full high-definition viewing of your home content. Just make sure the streaming video doesn’t eat away at your data plan. An exciting new feature allows you to stream photos and other content off your device to the big-screen TV.  Perfect for sending photos of the company booth at the trade show back to the corporate office for review, or video clips of vacation to loved ones back home.

Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector


This projector is super light, portable, and rechargeable, and can run for up to two hours off a single charge. Since it’s USB, you can also use it as an emergency battery for your phone. It’s high resolution HDMI and has 85 lumens, and it looks good even when it’s not completely dark. Great for giving presentations in a conference room or just watching episodes of TV in a hotel room.


mMini Combo Duo travel charging kit (Innergie)



With all the gadgets we find ourselves increasingly carrying around, the mMini Combo Duo Charger eliminates the need to carry multiple charging cables, which is a must for a work force always on the go. There is a combo Apple and micro USB tip that will connect to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.  A second port will accommodate a second USB charge and you also get a dual USB car-charging outlet as well.

Glider Gloves



If you own a smart phone and live in a colder temperature, you know what a hassle it is to take off your gloves to activate and use your phone.  The GliderGloves feature anti-slip silicon grips, so you won’t worry about dropping it like you do with traditional thick fingered gloves.  The entire outer surface of the glove allows you interact with your phone, and are available in multiple sizes and colors.


Chat USB Headsets
$28.00 – $110.00



Pick up one of ClearOne’s CHAT USB headsets, for comfort, durability and amazing audio quality.  With their advanced, microphone noise-cancelling technology, it keeps conversations crystal-clear.  Their adjustable headbands create a truly customized fit, and the microphone windscreens reduce wind, breathing and popping noises.  Audio compatibility with in-line control for UC applications and softphones like Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft® Lync™, Skype™ and more!  Perfect for use in a busy office, or at home when your next epic game of “Call of Duty.”


Mophie Juice Pack


From pitch meetings to networking events, don’t let your friend embarrass themselves by having a dead phone when they need it most. The Mophie Juice Pack will add additional battery power inside a stylish case so iPhones and Androids get an extra boost of life for all networking, social media, and photo snapping purposes. The $100 version for the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 can add eight additional hours of Web browsing time.


Chat Personal Speaker


The Skype Certified™ CHAT 60-U speakerphone is created expressly for Skype™ PCs and can also be used for phone conversations or audio playback. Rugged and portable, the CHAT 60- U is designed for ease of use and unsurpassed voice quality in the home office or on the move with laptop USB power. Perfect for personal use, traveling professionals, college students or small office desktops, the CHAT 60-U allows you to conference any time, any place. Your new iPad Mini has high definition picture, shouldn’t you also enjoy high definition sound?




Doxie Go Portable Document Scanner



Ever need something scanned and aren’t at the office?  The Doxie Go is a small, portable document scanner that doesn’t even need to be connected to a computer. Simply turn this battery-powered scanner on, feed a few documents in it, and turn it off. The scans will be saved to either its internal memory or a connected SD card or USB stick, ready to be copied to your computer the next time you’re at your desk.  Great for recording lunch receipts, business cards or important business items.
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