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Yearly Archives: 2010

Six Ways Digital Signage Can Benefit Your School

Written on August 24, 2010 at 9:30 am, by

Digital Green AppleAs the 2010 school year quickly approaches, school administrators and teachers alike are looking for exciting and innovative ways to inform and motivate their staff and students. Remember when you were young and hearing the announcements over the school’s PA system? It was typically a litany of monotone verbiage or perceived white noise that was easily drowned out by, well, anything else. The information barely registered with the students. Same thing applied to the school paper where events and other news were published. Of course all of that news happened last week and the upcoming events had already passed. Fast forward to the present and look no further than MagicBox, Inc for a Digital Signage solution to your messaging needs.


What is Digital Signage? Well, it’s the use of electronic displays or screens (such as LCD, LED, plasma or projection) to deliver information, entertainment and/or advertisements in public or private spaces using images, text, video, animation, and audio. This medium offers several benefits for schools. Here are the top five ways your school can enhance their messaging.


  1. Quickly Inform staff and students– Digital Signage messaging allows the user to immediately post news and information to the system over the school’s existing network. Students and staff will see the updated messages in real time which creates a knowledgeable student body. If knowledge is power, then that power can be harnessed into productivity which benefits everyone.


  1. Educate the viewer –Your messaging can be anything you wish. Further the student’s education with ideas, quizzes, word games, or similar immersive content. Visual communication is a powerful vehicle that can be used as an intellectual tool.


  1. Promotions– Display upcoming events such as workshops, dances, clubs, sporting events, and more. Promote school products such as yearbooks and clothing. Advertise the student store or cafeteria specials. Endorse local businesses that contribute to the school. Check out EZ-Stream software for real-time database updates. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Save Time– The ability to manage your content from a centralized location allows for easy administration and updating of information on one or several player systems. OurAavelin Composer software allows page content to be scheduled for future playback. This allows the user to streamline their work flow to accomplish more work in less time once the main project content foundation is in place.


  1. Creativity–Get your students involved to create the graphics, write the copy and produce the videos. Have fun and engage with your students. Give them some responsibility that is enjoyable and entertaining. Remember, they have a better perspective on what captivates their peers than faculty. This is also a great benefit to keep your school’s brand and image fresh with the staff and students.


  1. Green– Digital Signage reduces the amount of natural resources used in the distribution of your content. Replacing and or decreasing your printed materials is one of the easiest ways to make a significant reduction on your institutions carbon foot print. Get started today and the world will thank you tomorrow.


Using Digital Signage by itself is an important part of the communication process. Used in conjunction with other mediums such as the school paper and school website, your staff and students will be equipped with the most updated knowledge to cut through the voluminous amount of information clutter. An informed staff and student body allows teachers to do what they do best; educate. Give them the tool to function at top performance and watch your school become more productive than ever.


Give us a call or send us an email today to get your school’s Digital Signage campaign going!